Peter Foxhoven

Director of Business



ISU and Drake were two of the colleges he attended (undergrad and grad school, respectively). It's possible to hear him on the well-known podcast The Appendix N Podcast, where he discusses Conan the Barbarian-related stories.

A recent EbizNews interview with Peter discusses the various methods in which you can engage with your customers. "Entrepreneurship is all about building relationships in the business world," Peter Foxhoven explains. "No matter what business you're in, you'll need to build relationships with other experts and, most importantly, with your customers.

What matters most is that your company understands and can address the needs of your clients no matter what your business model is: B2B, B2C, or direct-to-consumer (D2C).

A business owner or entrepreneur can interact with their clients in five different ways, according to Peter Foxhoven:

As Foxhoven points out if you aren't clear on who your target audience is, you'll have a difficult time establishing a relationship with them. Rather than making assumptions about your target audience, he suggests that you get to know them first and figure out what motivates them, rather than relying on notions about what they'll like.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open — Providing a transparent and genuine service necessitates regular updates. According to Foxhoven, even if the news is bad, it's important to deliver honest updates. Customers will become frustrated and lose faith in your brand if you leave them in the dark.

Take a look at what your consumers are saying about you and what you can do to improve. Surveys and check-ins are great ways to get a sense of what others think of you. He advises not to take things to heart. If there is the opportunity for improvement and you can make the necessary adjustments to establish a more substantial firm, then do so.

If you overpromise and under-deliver, you'll have a better chance of succeeding in your commercial endeavors. Instead, Foxhoven advises against making promises that you are unsure of being able to fulfill. "Only make promises you can stand by," he advises. "You may impress your customers by delivering faster, better, or cheaper than originally promised. Doing more than you say you'll do builds goodwill with your coworkers and employers alike.

Build up your professional knowledge and abilities so that you are regarded as an expert, according to Peter Foxhoven. When it comes to becoming a trusted authority, Foxhoven says being an expert is critical. As you become an expert in your field, you'll be able to better target your audience by focusing on a certain niche.
Conan, the Barbarian's quest for gold and victory over evil wizards is one of many exciting stories that Peter discusses on his show.
Peter enjoys spending time with his family and friends when he is not appearing on one of his popular podcasts.

A healthy, happy life is important to Peter because he is the primary caregiver for a two-year-old boy with severe physical limitations.